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    Silverline Black Rubber Mallet 32oz£5.92+VAT£7.10
    Double Bit 31/2lb Michigan Pattern Axe£50.21+VAT£60.25
    Silverline Hickory Log Splitting Maul£23.70+VAT£28.44
    Estwing Engineers Hammer£34.20+VAT£41.04
    Silverline Black Rubber Mallet£5.92+VAT£7.10
    Faithfull Hatchet Hickory Shaft£11.40+VAT£13.68
    Bulldog Felling Axe 6lbs£18.53+VAT£22.24
    Silverline Combination Rubber Mallet£8.51+VAT£10.21
    Bahco Claw Hammer Glassfibre Shaft£17.06+VAT£20.47
    Stanley Warrington Hammers£11.16+VAT£13.39
    Stanley FatMax XL Hammer Tacker£45.12+VAT£54.14
    Estwing Club Hammer£31.01+VAT£37.21
    Faithfull Hatchet Fibreglass Shaft£12.38+VAT£14.86
    Silverline Pick Mattock£7.54+VAT£9.05
    Stanley Warrington Hammers 3.5oz£11.16+VAT£13.39
    Bulldog Hatchet£7.13+VAT£8.56
    Draper DIY Series 560G Claw Hammer With Steel Shaft£9.74+VAT£11.69
    Globemaster Sledge Hammer Fibreglass Handle£13.88+VAT£16.66
    Globemaster Claw Hammer Wooden Handle 16oz£5.53+VAT£6.64
    Silverline Double-Ended Scutch Hammer£8.64+VAT£10.37
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