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    Stanley® QuickSlide™ Sport Utility Knife£20.64+VAT£24.77
    Stanley DynaGrip Retractable Blade Knife£7.80+VAT£9.36
    Stanley Quick Change Knife£9.46+VAT£11.35
    Faithfull Trimming Knife Retractable Blade£3.08+VAT£3.70
    Stanley 199 E Saw Knife Set£6.56+VAT£7.87
    Draper Easyfind Trimming Knife£3.88+VAT£4.66
    Stanley Utility Knife£3.18+VAT£3.82
    Stanley Interlocking Craft Knife£6.32+VAT£7.58
    Stanley Snap-Off Blade Knife with Cartridge£5.88+VAT£7.06
    Irwin Standard Retractable Knife£6.07+VAT£7.28
    Stanley® FatMax® Retractable Utility Knife£4.50+VAT£5.40
    Agripak PenknifeWoodenHandle£12.50+VAT£15.00
    Stanley Disposable Craft Knives (3)£2.10+VAT£2.52
    Stanley Titan Retractable Knife£11.88+VAT£14.26
    Stanley Original 99E Retractable Blade Knife£6.14+VAT£7.37
    Stanley FatMax XL Retractable Blade Knife£10.93+VAT£13.12
    Irwin Heavy-Duty Retractable Blade Knife£13.05+VAT£15.66
    Draper Redline 18mm Soft Grip Retractable Trimming Knife£2.78+VAT£3.34
    Irwin Pro-Touch Retractable Knife£10.63+VAT£12.76
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