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    • Birkdale
    • Flexello
    Fixed Castor 63mm Nylon£3.96+VAT£4.75
    Fixed Castor 100mm Rubber/Nylon£13.74+VAT£16.49
    Swivel Castor 63mm Nylon£5.22+VAT£6.26
    Fixed Castor 100mm Nylon£7.74+VAT£9.29
    Swivel Castor 75mm Rubber/Nylon£8.37+VAT£10.04
    Fixed Castor 75mm Rubber/Nylon£7.41+VAT£8.89
    Fixed Castor 125mm Nylon£11.25+VAT£13.50
    Swivel Castor 50mm Nylon£2.78+VAT£3.34
    Swivel Castor 75mm Nylon£6.21+VAT£7.45
    Fixed Castor 50mm Rubber/Nylon£5.12+VAT£6.14
    Swivel Castor 75mm Nylon - With Footbrake£11.91+VAT£14.29
    Swivel Castor 100mm Rubber/Nylon£19.88+VAT£23.86
    Swivel Castor 50mm Rubber/Nylon£4.49+VAT£5.39
    Fixed Castor 125mm Nylon£15.00+VAT£18.00
    Fixed Castor 75mm Nylon£4.98+VAT£5.98
    Fixed Castor 50mm Nylon£2.28+VAT£2.74
    Gatemate Springloaded M/Duty Gatewheel£20.25+VAT£24.30
    Swivel Castor 63mm Rubber/Nylon£7.39+VAT£8.87
    Swivel Castor 125mm Nylon£25.82+VAT£30.98
    Swivel Castor 75mm Rubber/Nylon£14.55+VAT£17.46
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