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    • Faithfull
    • LieNielsen
    • Stanley
    • Veritas
    • 140mm
    • 250mm
    • 260mm
    • 355mm
    • 50mm
    • 60mm
    • Fluted
    • Plain
    Stanley Single Iron Bench Plane 
    Stanley 102 Block Plane 
    Stanley Iron for New Block Plane Adjustable (12-020 and 12-220) 
    Faithfull Rubbing Brick 8x2x2in 
    Stanley Single Irons for Bailey Planes 
    Veritas DX60 Block Plane 
    Stanley Block Plane Fully Adjustable Low Angle 
    Stanley Bailey Professional Smoothing Plane 
    Stanley Iron for New Model Block Plane Fully Adjustable Low Angle (12-060) 
    Stanley Shavertool Blade 63mm 
    Stanley Block Plane Adjustable 
    Stanley Smoothing Block Plane Fully Adjustable 
    Stanley Iron for 110 Block Plane (12-116) 
    Stanley Handyman Bench Planes 
    Stanley Iron for Old Block Plane Adjustable (12-220) 
    Stanley Bailey Bench Planes Fore 
    Stanley Bailey Professional Bench Planes Jointer 
    Stanley Planes & Irons with Interchangeable Blades 
    Lie-Nielsen No. 5 Jack Plane 
    Stanley Bailey Professional Jack Bench Planes 
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