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    • Faithfull
    • LieNielsen
    • Stanley
    • Veritas
    • 140mm
    • 250mm
    • 260mm
    • 355mm
    • 50mm
    • 60mm
    • Fluted
    • Plain
    Stanley Single Iron Bench Plane+VAT
    Stanley 102 Block Plane+VAT
    Stanley Iron for New Block Plane Adjustable (12-020 and 12-220)+VAT
    Faithfull Rubbing Brick 8x2x2in+VAT
    Stanley Single Irons for Bailey Planes+VAT
    Veritas DX60 Block Plane+VAT
    Stanley Bailey Professional Smoothing Plane+VAT
    Stanley Iron for New Model Block Plane Fully Adjustable Low Angle (12-060)+VAT
    Stanley Shavertool Blade 63mm+VAT
    Stanley Block Plane Adjustable+VAT
    Stanley Smoothing Block Plane Fully Adjustable+VAT
    Stanley Iron for 110 Block Plane (12-116)+VAT
    Stanley Handyman Bench Planes+VAT
    Stanley Block Plane Fully Adjustable Low Angle+VAT
    Stanley Iron for Old Block Plane Adjustable (12-220)+VAT
    Stanley Bailey Bench Planes Fore+VAT
    Stanley Bailey Professional Bench Planes Jointer+VAT
    Stanley Planes & Irons with Interchangeable Blades+VAT
    Lie-Nielsen No. 5 Jack Plane+VAT
    Stanley Bailey Professional Jack Bench Planes+VAT
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