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    • Assa
    • Eurospec
    • Hoppe
    • Karcher
    • THISL
    • Zoo
    • 19mm x 150mm
    • 19mm x 300mm
    • 19mm x 450mm
    • 19x150mm
    • 19x225mm
    • 19x300mm
    • 19x425mm
    • 22x425mm
    • Brass
    • Stainless Steel
    Eurospec Safety Lever 19mm£6.38+VAT£7.66
    Karcher Starlight Lever Handle£34.35+VAT£41.22
    Hoppe Lever On Rose 6mm£16.41+VAT£19.69
    Assa Lever 6650£56.97+VAT£68.36
    Amalfi Lever Screw On Rose£14.07+VAT£16.88
    Lucca Lever Screw On Rose£14.07+VAT£16.88
    Hoppe Pull HandleFrom £5.52+VATFrom £6.62
    Assa Lever Unsprung£39.23+VAT£47.08
    Venice Lever Screw On Rose£15.23+VAT£18.28
    Assisi Lever Screw On Rose£14.07+VAT£16.88
    Universal Roller/Mushroom Keep - V-RMSTRIKE£1.87+VAT£2.24
    Stainless Steel 19mm RTD Lever Screw on Rose£11.34+VAT£13.61
    Hoppe Screw On Rose£9.00+VAT£10.80
    Karcher Corsica Round Rose Lever Handle£34.35+VAT£41.22
    Hoppe Lever On Rose 19mm£11.67+VAT£14.00
    Karcher Privacy Turn and Release HandleFrom £16.28+VATFrom £19.54
    Stainless Steel Pull HandleFrom £5.85+VATFrom £7.02
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