STIHL iMOW® 7 Evo Robotic Mower

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The iMOW® 7 EVO is part of the latest generation of iMOW® robotic mowers from STIHL. Designed for home gardens, these robotic mowers mow your lawn automatically so you don’t have to, giving you a beautiful green lawn, without even lifting a finger. Capable of cutting lawns of up to 5,000 m2 and gradients of up to 45%, the iMOW® is powered by a high-performance lithium-ion battery for efficient and continuous work over long working periods.

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    • Disc-Cut System: OPTIMUM MOWING RESULT. High rotational speed and 3 free-swinging, extra-sharp blades provide a cleanly cut lawn every time. The direction of rotation is automatically alternated on a regular basis, extending the life of the blades.

    • Electric Cut-Height Adjustment: THE APP MAKES IT EASY. You can adjust the cutting height of your robotic lawnmower directly via the app.

    • Tool-Free Blade Change (iMOW): QUICK AND EASY CHANGEOVER. No tools are required for changing the blades of the iMOW, so it's easy to replace blades when necessary. For an even cut, it's recommended changing all three blades at once when replacing a blunt or damaged blade.

    • Connectivity (iMOW): OPTIMAL CONTROL. Connectivity functions mean you can control your robotic mower via the app, using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections. On EVO models, you can also connect the app to the robotic mower via a mobile network.

    • Mobile access via the iMOW app: MOW THE LAWN VIA REMOTE CONTROL. You can check the status and current tasks of the iMOW from anywhere via the MY iMOW app. App capabilities include creating an interactive mowing plan, viewing the current location of your iMOW, and setting your mowing zones. You can also change other settings in the app, such as the cutting height.

    • Zone Management: PRECISE WORK. If your garden has complex, awkwardly shaped area or lots of close-together obstacles, you can simplify the mowing plan of the iMOW by defining starting points and specifying preferred mowing zones. This makes work more efficient and faster.

    • Alarm Function: EXTENDED PROTECTION. If the iMOW is lifted up, or if the tilt or movement of the power tool changes in an unusual way (carrying detection), an alarm will be triggered. This switches off automatically when the robot mower is set down again. In addition, the robot automatically locks its control functions if it is removed from the home area.

    • Rain Sensor: MOW ON A WEATHER DEPENDENT BASIS. Thanks to its rain sensor, your iMOW robotic mower is able to decide whether or not to mow based on the weather. In the settings, you can decide how the robotic mower reacts to the rain.

    • Simplified Updates: DIRECTLY WHERE YOU ARE. You now have to choice to either update your iMOW software yourself using the Over-The-Air update system or by visiting your local STIHL Approved Dealer.
    Max. mowing area5000 m²
    Max. slope45 %
    Max. slope with slope kit55 %
    Cutting width28 cm
    Cutting width11 in
    Min. cutting height20 mm
    Max. cutting height60 mm
    Battery cell technologyLITHIUM-ION
    Weight16 kg
    Sound pressure level48 dB(A)
    Max. Mowing time per battery charge 80%220 min
    Max. Mowing time per battery charge 100%240 min
    Charinging time (Fast charged) 80%80 min
    Sound power level61 dB(A)
    Conduct wire3 PC
    Cordless power systemAAI
    ConnectivityBluetooth, WLAN, Mobile
    LED displayBackstripe, LED-Matrix

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